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Your top-notch security solution for trucks, tachograph meters, railway wagons, cargo, and more. These seals feature an ABS body with a laminated steel cable, ensuring robust tamper resistance. With laser marking for unique serial numbers, data matrix barcodes, and optional service codes, TAHOSEAL offers unbeatable traceability. Available in red, green, or blue rotors and standard 400mm length. Each box contains 100 seals for a cost-effective security solution. Trust TAHOSEAL to protect your valuable cargo and equipment.


Discover TAHOSEAL, your reliable choice for securing trucks, tachograph meters, railway wagons, cargo, control devices, speed limiters, and more. These versatile seals offer top-tier security and traceability for various applications.

TAHOSEAL features an ABS body with an opaque body and a colored rotor. Its laminated steel cable ensures robust tamper resistance, meeting the EN 16882 Agreement standards. The seals are available with a 0.8mm laminated steel cable and a standard length of 400mm, with custom dimensions upon request.

For added security and traceability, TAHOSEAL includes laser marking with a unique serial number, data matrix barcode, and optional service codes. The seals come with a white body and colored rotors available in red, green, or blue.

Each box contains 100 TAHOSEAL units, offering a cost-effective solution for a wide range of sealing needs. These seals are the perfect choice for safeguarding your valuable cargo and equipment.


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  • Trucks Tachograph meters
  • Railways wagons
  • Trucks and Cargo
  • Meters and control devices
  • Speed Limiters


  • ABS body (opaque body and colored rotor)
  • Laminated steel cable


  • EN 16882 Agreement
  • Cable: 0,8 mm laminated steel
  • Standard length 400 mm – other dimensions available upon request


Laser Marking:

  • Unique serial number
  • Data matrix barcode
  • Service code available upon request


  • White body
  • Colored rotor:
    • Red;
    • Green;
    • Blue


  • 100 pieces/box
  • Weight: 0,8 Kg