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about us

Founded in 1997, ALDO SECURITY is a team of security experts, pioneering the assurance of shipment security globally. From small yet critically important envelopes to heavy-duty cargo in maritime containers, we’ve set the standard for secure sealing solutions.

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What makes us standout


Variety of Solutions

We provide a personalized range of solutions to address your unique security requirements.


Team of Experts

Our team of experts is personally committed to crafting solutions that match your individual security demands.


Prompt Delivery

Our prompt delivery solutions are designed with your convenience in mind, ensuring your security needs are met swiftly and efficiently.

worldwide reach

Global capacity

At Aldo Security Seals, our global capacity empowers us to serve your security needs wherever you are in the world. Your security knows no boundaries with us.

worldwide reach

Our Work Process

Experience a streamlined security seal journey with ALDO SECURITY SEALS. Trust us for a comprehensive and efficient approach to meeting your security seal requirements.


Understand your needs

This foundational step enables us to precisely tailor our solutions to meet your expectations and deliver superior results.


Match you with top-notch solutions

Our expert team ensures every seal matches your unique needs, guaranteeing optimal security and satisfaction.



With efficient processes in place, we ensure the smooth and prompt delivery of your chosen security seals, guaranteeing your peace of mind from start to finish.

greatest asset

our people and community

The ALDO SECURITY team is constantly expanding and refining. Each department operates on a foundation of experience, with top-notch capabilities and performance indicators.

Our team at ALDO, comprised of young, inspired, dedicated, and tech-savvy individuals who have grown alongside our founder and under his continuous guidance. They have evolved and thrived in sync with the intricacies of our business, which they now deeply understand and adapt according to the ever-changing security sealing market.