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PSS No Residue Labels are your answer to secure parcels, computers, control panels, and more. Ideal for post, courier services, government institutions, aircraft, and laptops. When tampered with, they reveal a clear “OPENED” message. These unique, encrypted labels prevent fraudulent replacement, with optional resistance to solvents, temperature, and more.


PSS No Residue Labels are the epitome of simplicity and efficiency when it comes to tamper-evident security seals. With a versatile range of applications, these labels are tailored to secure parcels, packages, laptops, computers, measuring and control instruments, among other items. They are the ideal choice for postal services, courier companies, governmental institutions, aircraft, and control panels.

What sets the PSS No Residue Labels apart is their ability to deter and highlight any attempts at tampering. Upon removal, these “seals” will unequivocally display a prominent “OPENED” message, ensuring the immediate recognition of any interference.

Every label is uniquely embedded beneath the label’s surface, preventing fraudulent replacements such as erasing and substituting. This feature also allows for easy record-keeping in a database, enhancing traceability.

To further enhance security, the tamper-evident message is crafted in a secure format. Labels are created “in-register,” ensuring each label’s distinct format. The material used is semi-transparent, making it impossible to overlay a new label over the original “OPENED” warning message.

For added security, these labels are available in a variant resistant to tampering attempts with solvents, temperature extremes (hot or cold), water, and more. This robust resilience against tampering ensures that your assets and packages remain intact and secure.

The standard label series are encrypted, allowing for multiple verification checks, including batch, production date, and responsible personnel. These series are maintained in the manufacturer’s database in the UK and your proprietary database, in adherence to UK regulations governing products with special requirements. Records are retained for an extended period of seven years.

These labels offer customization options to meet your specific needs. You can personalize the warning message, mode of embedding, logo, and color.

With color options like blue, white, red, yellow, orange, black, green, and gray, you can choose the most suitable one for your security and branding requirements.

In conclusion, PSS No Residue Labels are an unrivaled choice for tamper-evident security. With a clear “OPENED” message, unique encryption, and customization possibilities, these labels are an excellent solution for ensuring the integrity of your parcels, packages, and valuable assets.


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  • Governmental institutions, evidence
  • Laptops and computers
  • ATM/terminal boxes
  • Control panels
  • Aircraft
  • Mail and courier


  • PVC
  • Chemical security adhesive with fraud/unauthorized opening message


  • The easiest and most effective seals to secure boxes, packages, computers, measuring and control instruments, etc.
  • Designed and manufactured to prevent and highlight any tampering attempts, these “seals” will show a clear “OPENED” message on the labels if removed.
  • Various sizes on request


  • Warning text
  • Barcode
  • Logo
  • Color


  • Warning text
  • Barcode
  • Logo
  • Color


  • 1000 pieces / roll
  • Weight: 200gr