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Single-use secure courier bags are tailor-made for businesses that demand top-notch security in their shipping and transport operations. With features like tamper resistance, water resistance, and confidentiality, these bags provide an impeccable security solution. They’re customizable, available in various colors, and each package includes 500 bags. Protect your valuable shipments with single-use secure courier bags.


Single-use secure courier bags are the go-to solution for businesses that require a high level of security in their shipping and transportation activities. These bags find extensive application in postal services, banking, especially for cash and valuables in transit, as well as courier delivery services.

Designed to provide a robust security and tracking solution, secure courier bags ensure an auditable trail and monitoring of security scans. This functionality allows for the control and tracking of the bag’s journey from one location to another, with vigilant monitoring for any signs of fraudulent interference or unauthorized access to the protected contents.

A secure courier bag is a specially crafted pouch made from unique, co-extruded plastic. These materials guarantee enhanced resistance to tampering and tearing. The bags are also waterproof, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and other liquids. Additionally, their flexibility in packaging makes them highly versatile.

One of the unique features of these bags is their use of co-extruded white/black material, which enhances the confidentiality of the bag’s contents. This color choice prevents visual inspection of the bag’s contents, adding an extra layer of security.

These secure bags are incredibly user-friendly, with a quick sealing mechanism that ensures ease of use and a speedy, efficient sealing process. You can obtain secure courier bags in various dimensions, tailored to your specific requirements.

In terms of customization, the bags can be marked with your logo, series numbers, barcodes, or other messages upon request. The bags also come in a range of colors, customizable based on your preferences.

Each package includes 500 secure courier bags, providing you with a substantial supply to meet your shipping and security needs.

In summary, single-use secure courier bags are indispensable for businesses requiring a high level of security and tracking in their shipping and transportation operations. Their strength, tamper resistance, and versatility make them an ideal choice for protecting valuable items and ensuring the confidentiality of your shipments.


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  • Parcels
  • Confidential documents


  • PE LD recycled film
  • Silicone adhesive


  • Logo
  • Removable containers
  • Thickness, Pouch AWB: on request
  • Sizes: on request


  • Stock, series
  • Customization on request


  • Transparent
  • Opaque


  • 500/1000 pieces/box
  • Weight: 3,5 – 10 Kg