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Compact and practical security seal for samples, enclosures, containers, and tanks. Crafted from braided wire with auto-locking. Personalize with optional 3 characters. Available in silver. Choose from 1000 or 200 pieces per box. Trust CLIPSEAL for secure sealing solutions in various applications.


Meet CLIPSEAL, the compact yet powerful sealing solution designed for a variety of applications. This security seal is ideal for securing samples, enclosures, containers, and tanks.

Crafted from braided wire, CLIPSEAL’s small and practical design measures 18 x 12 mm when closed. It features an auto-locking mechanism and is used in conjunction with sealing twine or thin wire for added security.

CLIPSEAL comes in a standard silver color, with the option for additional personalization, allowing for three characters to be included. You can choose from two packaging options: 1000 pieces per box or 200 pieces per box, depending on your specific needs.

With its small but secure design, CLIPSEAL is the perfect solution for sealing a range of items across different industries.


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  • Evidence
  • Vessels
  • Enclosures
  • Tanks


  • Coastal Band


  • Self-locking
  • Used in conjunction with string or
    thin sealing wire


  • Standard marking
  • Optional 3-character personalization


  • Metal


  • 1000 pieces/box
  • 200 pieces/ box