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The adjustable-cable metal security seal with dual locking mechanisms. Ideal for containers, trucks, railcars, and more. Crafted from robust zamak and aluminum. Available in red, green, blue, and black. Each order contains 500 pieces. Secure your valuables with ALDLOCK DUO.


Introducing ALDLOCK DUO, the versatile adjustable-cable metal security seal designed to cater to a wide range of security applications. Its innovative design allows for a flexible application due to its limited adjustable cable length, set at a standard of 500 mm.

What sets ALDLOCK DUO apart is its dual internal cable locking mechanism, ensuring a high level of security. Crafted from zamak and aluminum, this seal combines robustness and reliability.

Typical applications include the secure sealing of containers, enclosures, trucks, tanks, and railcars transporting valuable goods. Most cable seals, including ALDLOCK DUO, are classified as indicative security level or high-security grade, conforming to ISO 17712:2013 standards.

These metal cable seals are certified for both domestic and international maritime and land transportation, as well as various high-security sealing applications. Their uses span from shipping containers, general cargo trucks, courier cargo, airfreight, to the oil and gas industry, and virtually any application requiring a high level of closure and security.

Several basic models of security cable seals are available, including bolt seals, cable seals, and metal strap seals. ALDLOCK DUO is a prime example of a cable seal offering exceptional security.

Metal security seals can be customized to meet user needs, with typical laser engraving featuring logos, serial numbering, and barcodes. Laser engraving ensures that the markings on the seal’s metal body cannot be intentionally removed or altered under any conditions, as seen in ALDLOCK DUO’s design.

Choose ALDLOCK DUO for a secure, versatile, and highly customizable solution that meets the demanding security requirements of a broad range of applications.


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  • Containers
  • Enclosures
  • Trucks
  • Tankers
  • Wagons
  • Grain barges


  • Aluminium body
  • Galvanised steel cable 1.8 mm
  • Dual zamak locking system


  • Self-locking
  • Removal tools are used
  • Cable length 500 mm standard
  • 2 locking systems


Lase marking

  • Logo
  • Text
  • Serial number
  • Barcode


  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black
  • Green


  • 500 pieces/box
  • Dimensions: 370 x 300 x 125 mm
  • Weight: 12,5 Kg