Secure transport canvas bag, equipped with zipper and padlock or single security seal

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  • Category: Bank Seals / Envelopes / Labels; Cash and valuables in transit; Envelopes, labels, secure boxes; Multipurpose seals;
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The security transport bag is provided with zipper ZipMetal, length of 75 cm, not detaching, with connected teeth of 5 mm;

The transport bag is provided with metal slider with lock ring hole of 6 mm;

Cotton fabric, fireproof material with material density of 400-470 g/m2 and interior stitching;

Handles included;

Bank Seals Envelopes Labels (Стикери Етикети Пликове за сигурностBanke brtve Sigurnosne torbe NaljepniceΤραπεζικές Φάκελοι Ετικέτες ασφαλείαςBank Plombak Biztonsági tasakok Biztonsági szalagok és címkékSigilli bancarii adesivi etichette buste e sacchetti di sicurezzaBankplomben / Umschläge / Etiketten) – Sealing elements and security products used in areas requiring a high degree of security. It is used mainly in banking, cash in transit, and courier delivery. You get a sealing solution to provide an audit trail of seal scans controlling the steps along the route, securing ATM cassettes or evident interfere with protection of security bags, envelopes and security boxes. Special security tapes and labels have high bond-strength adhesives in combination with backing that are designed to fracture or delaminate under designated conditions to indicate premature attempts at opening. Custom printing, holograms, and security printing often assist in deterring and indicating tampering.

  • Dimensions: L 78 cm x W 50 cm;
  • Provided together with brass padlock 30 mm, 2 keys, 2 metal fastening slings for padlock seal or
    security seal inserted through zipper slider;
  • Custom laser printing: logo, text;
  • Colors available: brown, dark grey.


Security Transport Bag







Security Transport Bag is used together with padlock or plastic / metal seals

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