Aldlock Duo

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  • Kategória: Általános biztonság; Fém plombák; ISO/PAS 17712; Kábeles plombák; Szállítás és rakomány;
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Aldlock Duo cable seal characteristics

  • AFER technical agreement;
  • Standard operational length: 500 mm;
  • Unseal with cutting tool;
  • Self-blocking;
  • Disposable seal;
  • Material: Aluminum body;
  • 1.6 -1.8 mm steel cable;
  • Zamak double locking system.

Cable seals (Кабелни пломби, Kabel sigurnosne brtve, Σφραγίδες ασφάλειας με συρματόσχοινο, Kábeles plombák, Sigilli di sicurezza con cavoKabelplomben) allow for more versatile application, as they have variable length of the locking mechanism limited only by the cable length.

Typical applications include sealing trucks and railway cars transporting valuable commodities.

A dual internal locking mechanism, metallic made for increased strength of closing, prevents the cable from being retracted. From here the name of Aldlock Duo cable seal.

Most cable seals are classified as security or high security level as to ISO 17712:2013 if the metallic cable seal is at leat 3.5 mm in diameter.

The main purpose of cable seals is proof of fraudulent handling of access, tampering evident, to protected items for security reasons. But having a metallic cable and a metallic body, a certain additional level of protection of locking resistance will be applied, in addition to security protection.

Metal seals (Метални пломби, Metalne sigurnosne brtve, Μεταλλικές σφραγίδες ασφάλειας, Fém plombák, Sigilli di sicurezza metallo, Metallplomben) are certified for domestic and international shipping and other applications that require a high degree of closure and protection. Usability of metallic security seals: shipping containers, truck general cargo, courier freight forwarder, airway cargo, oil & gas industry related, and basically all the applications with a high degree of closing and security are asked for.

There are several basic designs of the metal security seals: bolt seals, ball seals, and cable seals.

The metal security seals can be individualized to fit the needs of the user. Typical marking includes logos, consecutive numbering and barcodes. Laser engraving is the main technology of printing on metal seals body. In this regard the personalized print is very fine and strong adhered to metallic body of the seal and can not be erased intentionally or under any conditions of using them. It is the case of Aldlock Duo security seal.


Aldlock Duo cable seal






Product unit

Packaging: 500 pcs. / box; the quantity ordered should be multiple of 500 pcs.

Box size: (Length x Width x Height):  335 x 235 x 170 mm

Box weight: 13.5 Kg


Aldlock Duo specifications

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