Kako naručiti

  1. From our sealsexpert.com web site you will fill your requirements in the Get a Quick Quote / Order part by filling all the necessary fields.
  2. Our team will contact you by email to establish technical details, such as that your choosing is fitting your necessities, quantities and prices of your order.
  3. According to our final agreements you will place, by email, a final order.
  4. You will receive from our part the commercial Contract and Proforma Invoice with all the details agreed. Proforma Invoice will contain prices of goods (seals) and shipment delivery cost. You can find the prices/quotations of shipment delivery on sealsexpert.com/Shipping cost per seal type.
  5. After you arrange the payments, according to Proforma Invoice issued, we need from your part the proof of payment sent by email and the commercial Contract signed.
  6. Now we will put your order in production and we will issue you with your order production id. From now on you can see and follow in our web based management system (sealsexpert.com/Menu/Check Order Status) the production status of your order.
  7. When your order is production ended and your payment is received on our bank we will be ship your order to you with one of our agreed couriers. You will be issued with the AWB of the shipment and you can follow this on.


Kako naručiti Seals Expert