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Meter security seals (Meterseal MD) – Sealing security solutions used mainly in securing equipment and control devices from activity domains like electricity, gas, oil and fuel transport and/or general merchandise.

Meter seals are disposable tamper-evident security seals which restricts access to closed objects, for security acces purposes, for those who do not have clearance to interfere.

Highly usable on securing utility meters devices, taxi meters devices, and control cabinets to provide tamper evident security.

Meter security seals

Meter security seals (Пломби за водомериMetara brtveΣφραγίδες ασφαλείας του μετρητήMéteres biztonsági plombák, Sigilli di sicurezza per contatoriMeter-Sicherheitsdichtungen), like Meterseal MD, are used with electric or gas or water meters, and usually molded in polycarbonate. The transparent body of the seal means that the locking mechanism is visible and can provide clear indication of tampering with.

Meter security seals can withstand exposure to heavy sunlight, extreme weather, and a wide range of negative temperatures.

Designed for only a single use, they are destroyed when removed. This is the main purpose of antitampering evidence of security seals on an unauthorized action / intervention on an protected item.

A metallic wire is used for increasing the security strength of the seal.

Some meter seals contain components which glow under ultraviolet light, allowing the seal to be easily located in darkness.

Meter seals are client customized with company logo, serial number and barcodes laser printed on them without the possibility that the print will be erased accidentally or by purpose.

Meter security seals are not designed to resolve all security problems. The effectiveness of seals is strongly dependent on the proper protocols for using them. These protocols are the official and unofficial procedures used for seal procurement, storage, record keeping, installation, inspection, removal, disposal, reporting, interpreting findings, and training. With a good protocol, a modest seal can provide excellent security. On the other hand, a sophisticated seal used poorly may be worse than useless if naively trusted.

Meterseal MD meter seal characteristics

  • AFER – AT 259/2006 agreement;
  • Adjustable locking for ease of application;
  • Wire: 0.8 mm galvanized soft steel, 0.7 mm plasticized steel;
  • Standard length 300 mm | Other sizes upon request.
  • Material: Polycarbonate body (transparent body and colored rotor);
  • Steel wire cable.

Meter security seals – Meterseal MD






Product unit

  • Packaging: 1000 pcs. / box
  • Dimensions of box: 310 x 300 x 210 mm (L x l x H)
  • Weight of box: 2,50 Kg


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