SEALS EXPERT is the export division of ALDO SECURITY which has as its main activity the production, sales, and marketing of the security seals and special security locks.

The security seals products offered by our company are made in Romania or imported. All the security seals are unique and there is no possibility of the duplication because of the serial numbers that is kept in databases without the possibility of multiplication.

The security seals are numbered (standard stock) and can be client customized (color, special marking, logo, barcode, QR code etc.).

The main applications for the security seals are transport industry (road, rail, air, sea), warehousing, health care, banking Cash in Transit, quality control, measurement and control units, agricultureaviation etc.

The security seals are designed, such as construction and materials used, so as not to allow tampering without traces. The clients can choose different types of security seals – over 50 models (plastic seals, metallic seals, fixed and variable closing length, RFID, GPS, single use seals or multiple use units). Whatever the customer needs are, we have or can offer a security solution, and if there is not, we will develop one, together.

Regardless of the desired application, SEALS EXPERT ® guarantees the most important requirement: SECURITY.



Our products can be engraved with text, logo, barcode, and are standard serial numbered for being unique and strengthen the security solution offered to our clients.

To customize our products, SEALS EXPERT offers you a wide range of solutions:

  • Various colors of the security seals;
  • Marking by laser, thermo-transfer, hot foil, and embossing for a strengthen and unique antitampering security solution.

The SEALS EXPERT / ALDO SECURITY team is continuously expanding – every department is working on a foundation of experience with capacity peaks. Inspired, committed and capable, ALDO SECURITY employees were trained alongside the founder of the company. They have evolved into the business they know in depth and which they develop with intuition and sense of the market.

About us? We, at Seals Expert, are the experts of the security seals!